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Bayanihan With Love

Bayanihan with Love is a project made in response to the adverse effects of the pandemic on the Filipino community in the UK.

Between March 2016 and March 2019, 4,000 Filipinos came to work in the NHS [Office for National Statistics], where they comprise the second largest migrant group. Filipinos comprise 2% of NHS England’s workforce, yet 25% of its coronavirus deaths [Nova Media]

During the first waves of the pandemic in 2020, Kanlungan Filipino Consortium and Filipino Food UK joined forces and started #FilipinoFood4NHS to provide packages of Filipino food to NHS staff. Starting in March 2021 each parcel was accompanied by a QR code that linked to a video created by New Earth Theatre. 

We commissioned 23 artists of Filipino descent to create 12 short poems, skits, songs, monologues and dances designed as a special thank you to Filipino health care workers in the NHS.

The artists

Video highlights

You’ll Never Walk Alone
Performed by the Bayanihan With Love Choir
Composed by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein
Arranged by Alan Berry
Sound mix by Richard Mina

Soloists: Michael Macalintal, Gia Macuja Atchison, Jacqui Sanchez. Choir: James Bradwell, Natalie Chua, Angelo Paragoso, Richard Peralta, Ericka Posadas, Joyce Veheary

Sonnet 18
Performed by the Bayanihan With Love Ensemble
Written by William Shakespeare
Translated and Directed by Joaquin Pedro Valdes

Cast: James Bradwell, Jane Burns, Heidi Carmichael, James Cooney, Vincent Fajilagmago, Richard Peralta, Max Percy, Jeffrey Sangalang, Martin Sarreal, Joaquin Pedro Valdes, Joyce Veheary

Since 1994, Kanlungan has been a leading charity serving the Filipino community in the UK. Out of their base in Hackney, in East London, they deliver educational and professional skills training, advice on employment, housing, and social rights, cultural programmes, mental health support, as well as campaigns for migrants’ rights across the UK. Their twelve member organisations include self-help groups for domestic workers, vulnerable women, and migrants with limited immigration status, a housing association, occupational groups, and faith groups. As an organisation deeply embedded in the Filipino migrant community in the UK, Kanlungan is uniquely positioned to carry out this work, thanks to years of building trust and confidence with its users. They are often one of the only safe spaces for the most vulnerable members of the Filipino community, such as undocumented migrants and survivors of modern-day slavery, to turn to for guidance, support, and community.

To learn more about Kanlungan and their programmes visit

Filipino Food UK members Baboy Club, The Adobros, SARAPLuto, Turo Turo, Naimas, Pinocandy and Food with Mae have volunteered their time to cook the meals. To see what Filipino Food UK is up to visit their Instagram feed.

#FilipinoFood4NHS was started in March 2020 in the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic by Filipino Fook UK and Kanlungan to give homesick Filipino NHS staff a taste of home.

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