Chinese Arts Now and New Earth Theatre present

Duck Rabbit

by Pamela Carter

Pamela Carter's new film explores family and heritage through the lives of her grandmothers, one in Singapore, the other in England.

Born around the turn of the 20th century, Chia Miau Lang in Singapore and Phyllis Carter in Lancaster are two women who knew nothing of each other and died long before their granddaughter was even a thought.

Using photographs inherited from her parents, Pamela Carter’s film imagines her grandmothers speaking through her today.

Duck Rabbit is a very personal meditation on a colonial heritage and mixed-race identity. It takes its name from the optical illusion in which a single image admits two very different interpretations.

Co-commissioned with Chinese Arts Now as part of CAN Festival 2021

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Creative Team

Director, writer & narrator: Pamela Carter
Digital filmmaker: Christine 挺欢 Urquhart
Sound Designer: Nick Powell
With thanks to: Rhys Williams, Julie Ellen, Stewart Laing, and Dom Bilkey at the Association of Sound Designers

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