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Triptych is a new trio of short films by Quang Kien Van reflecting on experiences of Lockdown, Quarantine and Isolation that became ubiquitous in 2020 and continues to this day.

“How do you begin to reflect on a health crisis that has impacted billions of people globally in a myriad of different ways? In what way and in what form can you begin to tell these stories? Are we too close to it, too in the midst of it, to even attempt such a thing? I’m certain I’m unable to answer such questions in a manner that is particularly comprehensive- but I feel compelled to step forward and take a plunge anyway.”  – Quang Kien Van

Triptych Part 1
March 2021, a year on from the “unprecedented”, Part 1 explores the life-force of creativity and the defiance of art-making in the face of crushing crisis.

Triptych Part 2
March 2021, 12 months on from the “new normal”, Part 2 explores notions of freedom and wild rebellion when the body and spirit is subjected to the trauma of sustained forced confinement.

Triptych Part 3
March 2021, when the unprecedented became the surreal, became the mundane; Part 3 explores the search for answers in a wasteland populated with only agonising questions.

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