Augmented Reality Postcards

Delve into five augmented reality scenes inspired by the women interviewed for Tsunagu/Connect. 

New Earth Theatre has collaborated with artist Natsko Seki to illustrate and design five Augmented Reality Postcards. When the back of the postcards are scanned it will activate a 3D model and trigger the augmented reality scene. Each postcard tells a unique story.

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Greetings from London
From a lonely bedsit in West London, Japanese student Mayumi sends a cheerful postcard home to her parents in Japan.

Empire Windrush
Newlywed Fumiko is moving to England with her new husband Kenneth on the Empire Windrush. An upbeat message to her parents belies the uncertainty she is feeling.

Beautiful Yorkshire
Busy fixing up her new house, Mirai is full of lists and plans for the future.

Streets of Soho
Composing lyrics in her off time, musician and sound engineer Rin must suffer the men she encounters in the recording studio.

Heathrow Airport
Acting student Junko dreams of becoming a star, but first she has to overcome the challenges of an immigration interview.

To experience the scenes above, you can purchase a postcard or collect the entire set. Each postcard comes with activation instructions.

Creative Team

Illustrator: Natsko Seki
Creative Technologist: John Hampson
3D Models: Neil Jakeman
Sound Design: Nicola T. Chang
Web Support: Josh Baker


Toshiko Kurata
Aki Nakagawa
Yuyu Wang


Matsumoto Hinako
Tomoko Komura
Meg Kabota
Haruka Kuroda
Aki Nakagawa

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