Marie Yan

Marie Yan is a playwright, writer and dramaturge for dance and theatre. She writes in French (language of childhood), English (language of learning) and German (language of a distant heritage).

Her interest is in the future. In worlds that range from near documentary to speculative fiction, her stories have been about places and the transformations that happen within those places and within the people who inhabit them: a city covered in fog, (The Fog), a immigration detention centre (A quick decision can be made), a room where friends talk about death (Artes Moriendi), a border (I Need to Cross – running since 2019 at the City Theatre of Eskişehir, Turkey).

As a dramaturge and curator she has worked in Berlin with Ballhaus Naunynstrasse on the dance piece Unrestricted Contact (2017) by Grupo Oito and with Theater o.N. on two symposiums: Another world (2019) and class.gender.race. (2020). She received the Mary Leishman Award for Theatre for her first play The Fog (2015), and the Crossing Borders Scholarship for her long-running diary research in Hong Kong: About a struggling home (2020).

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