Enxi Chang

Enxi Chang is a multidisciplinary artist working in film, theatre and music. Their work seeks to bridge the vast cultural gaps between China and the West, whilst exploring the messy intricacies of Asian diaspora identity. They draw inspiration from a disparate range of influences, from anime, memes and videogame soundtracks to UK bass music and hip-hop.

Recent work includes Invisible Harmony (writer, performer) at the Southbank Centre, AR app Augmented Chinatown 2.0 (voiceover), videogame Total War: Three Kingdoms (voiceover) and short film Darker Matters (screenwriter). They graduated from King’s College in London with a BA in English Literature with Film in 2020.

They are also a prolific translator, having translated the film From Where We’ve Fallen and sociology book What Has Been Lost in Contemporary China? from Chinese to English.

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