Earth 2 Air

Our first podcast Earth 2 Air aims to further amplify and champion stories of British East and South East Asians in the UK.

Our first series features some of the women involved with Tsunagu/Connect. They talk about what brought them to the UK, the reasons they have stayed and some of the challenges they have faced as immigrants in this country.

This 7-part series is hosted by Artistic Director Kumiko Mendl and theatre-maker Kazuko Hohki. #Earth2Air

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Series 1: Tsunagu/Connect

Ep 1 - Kumiko Mendl & Kazuko Hohki
Join Kumiko and Kazuko as they explain the motivation behind Tsunagu/Connect and what the project means to them.

Ep 2 - Keiko Itoh
Keiko uncovers what life was like for the Japanese community in pre-war Britain. The Second World War left an ultimatum: to return to Japan or stay in the UK.

Ep 3 - Lola Isako Okazaki Ward
Lola recalls her treacherous journey to Britain on the Empire Windrush in 1954, love at first sight and adopting English culture.

Ep 4 - Ryoko Akamai
Ryoko discusses identity and the curiosity and conflict of who you are, especially as racial trends and attitudes change over time.

Ep 5 - Houmi Miura
Houmi was given a choice to return to Japan with her family. She opted to reside in the UK and had to quickly confront identity at an early age.

Ep 6 - Haruna Komatsu
Haruna was determined to live out her teenage dream so formed her own band. She details her journey from childhood and how David Bowie persuaded her to travel to the UK.

Ep 7 - Mariko Hayashi
Mariko discusses how her work retains her connection to her roots.

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