Yellow Earth Academy London 2014

Students were part of a professional production this year, The Last Days of Limehouse by Jeremy Tiang.

★★★★★ The Upcoming

★★★★☆ The Public Reviews

★★★☆☆ Time Out

“enjoyable, rough-and-ready, heartfelt show … a piece that is made with love and acted with real vigour”
Lyn Gardner

“an especially powerful example of the generation-spanning magic at play in this masterpiece of evocative historical storytelling”.
The Upcoming

“Although concerned with the past, Jeremy Tiang’s The Last Days of Limehouse might be one of the more urgent and relevant pieces out at the moment… this production by Yellow Earth is a richly layered exploration of memory and heritage but it also forces us to take a look at how we as a society want to shape our future…..The struggle of Mrs Cunningham illustrates how positive change for a community must come from within to make an impact. Yellow Earth have captured this beautifully and they engage with cultural memory in a meaningful way by examining the difference between remembering people or places.
The Public Reviews

“an undeniably interesting and enlightening show. Gary Merry and Kumiko Mendl’s production has lots of charm too, due in no small part to the strong ensemble cast. Amanda Maud as Cunningham sensitively captures the sense of loneliness that drives her character’s attempt to belong to a disappearing place. As a whole, ‘The Last Days of Limehouse’ reminds us how quickly and ruthlessly history can overwrite itself”.
Time Out

“The play’s clear vision and careful judgment shines through from the first scene. This isn’t some misty-eyed nostalgia trip into the past, rather an examination of the evolution of urban communities…. The Last Days of Limehouse is relevant not only to the Chinese London community wanting a glimpse of their roots but to anyone remotely interested in the way groups of people disperse and accumulate around the contours of cityscapes. It’s an excellent play, well-performed, interestingly staged, funny, melancholy and touching all at once. Highly recommended!”
London City Nights

“there is plenty to enjoy in Yellow Earth’s show. The character of a former merchant seaman, haunted by dreams of his ship being bombed by the Germans, highlights the remarkable contribution to the Second World War effort by thousands of Chinese sailors who never received any recognition. Gabby Wong stands out as the beleaguered owner of the Friendly Noodle café, struggling with the need to move on without forgetting her Limehouse origins. And the Limehouse Chinatown Rediscovered research project, online and on show in the foyer, is an excellent and comprehensive source of information about an area of London that has never quite thrown off its cloak of mystery”.
The Londonist


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