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New Earth Theatre presents four exciting staged readings of new plays written by the talented playwrights on our Professional Writers Programme.

Friday 20 May, 1pm

A Tidal Home by Marie Yan
Directed by Jennifer Tang

The City sits on a peninsula. One day the tide starts following strange patterns and water invites itself further and further into the streets. Canals overflow. The sewage system collapses. Everywhere, pipes exploding. Against the backdrop of this inexplicable catastrophe, lovers panic, a businessman rubs his hands with glee, the mayor descends into authoritarianism, young people doubt their future and up above in heaven, dead philosophers pity the living. All face a dilemma: should you leave and give up on your home, or stay and fight for it?

Content warning: contains references to natural catastrophe (flood), death and mourning, psychological and physical abuse, mention of stillbirth

zaazaa by Nemo Martin
Directed by Andrea Ling

talk, I listen, talk… listen In endless round. Taro is facing oblivion. They cannot do it alone. Inspired by the poetry of Paiute poet Richard Stewart, two friends confront run-down murder motels, shot-gun racists, internment camps and burial grounds as they meet, survive, tell stories, joke and mourn a peace they'll never know.

Content warnings contains references to self-harm, suicide ideation, concentration camps, death, anti-Japanese, anti-Native American and anti-Black racism, transphobia, cannibalism 

Friday 27 May, 1pm

Before You Go by Lao Lee
Directed by Emily Ling Williams

Most people only come out once right? Not for Kit, whose mother has early onset dementia. Caught between wanting acceptance, saving her engagement and searching for her estranged brother, Kit uncovers uneasy truths. Before You Go explores queer identity, repression, and trauma.

Content warning: contains references to homophobia, dementia, emotional and physical abuse, child abuse, intergenerational trauma, violence, blood, vomiting

Miss Philippines by Rogelio Braga
Directed by Ria Parry

Miss Philippines is a story of two sassy transgender women, of gowns, glitter, beauty queens, and a fabulous gay beauty pageant in the middle of a bloody war on drugs in Duterte’s Philippines.

Content warning: contains references to extra-judicial killings in the Philippines, homophobia, criminalisation of drug use and migration, police violence, armed conflict with the state, suicide ideation, self-harm, UK's hostile environment policy. 

There is a 15 minute interval between plays.

The Professional Writers Programme supports early career British East and South East playwrights over the course of two years, providing workshops, masterclasses and seed commissions to develop four full-length plays. The Programme has been generously funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation with support from the National Theatre and Soho Theatre.

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