Festival for the Fish

by Yu Miri

“I’m going to kill him too as I hate his sad face full of razor cuts.”

A glimpse into the dark underbelly of modern life in Japan. The estranged members of a working class Japanese family gather for the youngest son’s funeral. His diary reveals a deeply scarring Oedipal experience. Human relationships at their most affectionate and most bitter are played out and a family of strangers are reunited by a common past.

Yu Miri is one of Japan’s foremost contemporary writers. Festival for the Fish won the Kishida Drama Award in 1992.

March 2004

New Wimbledon Theatre

Creative team

Writer: Yu Miri
Director: Kwong Loke
Set & Costume Designer: Kimie Nakano
Video Projection Designer: Kimie Nakano
Lighting Designer: Adam Crosthwaite
Music Composer: Fung Lam

Photography by Kimie Nakano

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